It’s Been A While

I’ve been dealing more and more reactions. It’s actually getting really hard to find things I want to eat. I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I do have a back up of post that I need to write out! Anyway I’m trying to find a GI doctor so I can get this under control.





Nugget Time

I made chicken nuggets. It was fast, easy and simple. I was tired. I used panko bread crumbs since they were the only plain ones we had around. I always get confused if you’re suppose to dip egg, flour, egg, bread crumbs or flour, egg, bread crumb. I did flour, which I seasoned with some pepper, garlic and paprika, egg and then bread crumb. I would have fried then baked but I was tired. So I just took them on a baking sheet and put them in the oven. They were good, a little bland. Next time I know I need to season them more. I ate with a side of apple sauce because I didn’t feel like making fries.

Windmill Love

The Windmill is a staple of a beach day. The Windmill, the Lighthouse and Bagel Masters all in one day is a perfect day. The Windmill sells many things but they’re known for their hot dogs and cheese fries. I can’t tell you how good they are unless you’ve been there. Bagel Masters makes the bagels as you’re buying them, warm in your mouth as you bite into them and Lighthouse is a Italian ice place. I’ve had all three so summer has officially started.


Gallo Pinto

I lived in Costa Rica for a year in 2007-08. I did a home stay with a family for school. Every morning, unless busy or at work, my host mother would make me a big breakfast. It was gallo pinto, toast with butter, eggs, and fresh pineapple. I usually had water or strawberry juice to go with it.

Costa Rica made me step out of my food comfort zone. I, until then, wouldn’t eat peppers and onions. I also had a lot of weird eating habits- I would wipe down meat that was covered in sauce. I’m still not a fan of sauce but I’m not that extreme anymore. I also tried pesto for the first time at this great restaurant too.

So whenever I miss Costa Rica or just want an easy dish I make gallo pinto.


My Own Private Burger

I had a hunger for some meat. Now usually I would just eat some chicken but it was late, the chicken was in the freezer. And I wanted something fast. Enter burgers! I did not make them but bought them, they were on sale because of the footballs game. I also had hot dogs but no buns.

I sauteed some onion. Added some cheese and BAM: dinner. However my body reminded me that sometimes beef is a no go…


Birthday, extended

So every year I get coupons from different restaurants for a free entree for my birthday. I try to use every one but it gets hard- time limits and going out to much. I never really ate by myself until I moved. Now it seems as normal and easy as going to the movies alone. My many feasts:


Father’s Day

So I didn’t spend Father’s Day with my dad, I spent it was my grandpa. It’s weird because my grandma wasn’t around to complain about Polish food- which she doesn’t like. But we went to the Polish restaurant, named Krakowiak, like always. I decided to try something new too. It wasn’t a big crowd- my two aunts, my mom and me.

I got the goulash with potato pancakes, I usually get the pierogi. And for dessert I got the sweet cheese blintzes which are my favorite. I use to make them at home. I gave my cucumber¬† salad to my aunt. I can eat cucumber but I’m not really a fan of it.