A Birthday To Remember

My Grandma’s birthday was back in the beginning of April, I’m posting this late. We went to this restaurant that we’ve been too before. The food was good. I got the Cajun chicken sandwich. It was spicy. They had great dinner rolls. However Thursday my grandma died. So love you Grandma, miss you so much! Glad we got to celebrate your birthday once last time.

Baked, Not Sauteed

I really missed broccoli. The only way I can eat broccoli is if I cook it. So I decided I was going to have an all side dish dinner. Basically potatoes and veggies. Then I realized I hardly had any vegetables left.

I cut up broccoli and tossed some olive oil on then pepper and salt. The potatoes I tossed with olive oil but also garlic and rosemary. I thought about making something else- like chicken but decided against it. The potatoes were more then enough.

Salsa me This

I’m a fan of easy to make quick meals. I tend to take at least an hour for something that could take another person twenty minutes. I don’t know where my time goes, lol. Quesadilla is one of my go tos. We always have cheese, tortillas and cheese around. They are like main staples in the household.

Anyway roast chicken was bought and I decided to make a chicken quesadilla. I used flour tortillas because the corn ones were a little too small. I also thought about adding black beans but decided not to. I should add carrots to the list of not able to eat foods. I also had carrots and ranch with this.


Rosie and I hung out. We hadn’t seen each other since Valentine’s Day. Which is a long time for us- we use to live five minutes away from each other. So we sat around talked about our feelings. We ordered pizza, and bought wine. Then we watched trashy TV and ate ice-cream sandwiches. It was a fun night.

General Dinner

I made a standard dinner. Chicken- lightly peppered and cooked in my cast iron skillet. Broccoli steamed just right. Not too tender but not too firm either. And some garlic potatoes from the steam fresh bags. I used the garlicy butter sauce to coat the chicken and broccoli. It was yummy. I haven’t made chicken in a while so it was nice.

If I hadn’t had potatoes I would have used rice. Though I’m just happy I can still eat cooked broccoli. I haven’t really had broccoli in a while because I’d been eating raw which was bad. I should also probably make a GI doctor’s appointment soon to see what’s going on.

Makin’ Magic

I like rice crispy treats. When I was younger I wasn’t really a fan of them. But with age comes wisdom. As a child my mom was very much a make it yourself type person- my aunt use to make homemade marshmallows. So as a child store bought cookies tasted weird and probably why I didn’t like rice crispy treats. I also hate Pillsbury products- though their crescent rolls are okay.

As an adult I can still taste the differences in some food. When my parents got divorced both became much more relaxed with what we could eat. I tried McDonald’s for the first time at age 12! So now when I want rice crispy treats I make them myself.


Thai Some More

My friends and I have fallen off the Thai Tuesday wagon. Busy schedules and not living close anymore had dampen our parade. But there is a local Thai place by me. I’ve been meaning to try it for a sometime and I finally got around to it. The place was cozy. I got my usual Pad Thai, it came with an appetizer. I got chicken fried dumplings. It was good, I should probably try something different next time.