New Year…new me?

Hey guys!

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. I’ve been having issues with food. This blog was about helping me work through it and it did. But my GI issues have gotten worse over the last couple of months and eating has gotten more and more frustrating. I have a colonoscopy in the next few weeks so that should basically help discover some of the reasons I can’t eat vegetables. I promise to not let it be so long next time! Also today I’m going to double post!




Bland Food

When we were younger my mom use to make us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on crackers- usually mazto. Since I had upset the balance of my GI track I was/am stuck with eating bland food. It’s depressing and frustrating. But We had crackers and so I made myself PB&J on cracker.

Berries of a Lifetime

So it got cool enough for me to want to make dutch babies or German Oven Pancakes. There were blueberries so I used them to make blueberry dutch babies. I had strawberries and strawberry sauce to go with. It was like heaven in my mouth.

However it created a reaction of a lifetime. I know it wasn’t the strawberries as have have them often. So I think blueberries will have to be on the list for a little while. It sucks because I like blueberries. Hopefully this is just a phase!

Simple Turkey

I made a sandwich and realized that it’s almost been a year since I started this blog. I could try eating lettuce and leafy greens again. But on the other hand my reactions to foods have been all over the place I’m not sure I want to try. So I made my turkey sandwich without lettuce and had strawberries on the side. Simple and reaction free!

Noodle Time

I made chicken, broccoli and noodles. My grandma was always asking me what I was eating- was I have balanced meals. It’s super weird now that she’s gone. I’m still in shock though it’s been a whole week. It feels longer. I keep thinking about all the things that will never happen again. So because I was feeling sad I made a balanced, I assume, meal.

Steamed broccoli, pan seared chicken and buttered noodle. I used my cast iron skillet- though not the one my grandma gave me. She had started giving away her things years ago. I had mentioned that I wanted her skillet so I could restore it.

Baked, Not Sauteed

I really missed broccoli. The only way I can eat broccoli is if I cook it. So I decided I was going to have an all side dish dinner. Basically potatoes and veggies. Then I realized I hardly had any vegetables left.

I cut up broccoli and tossed some olive oil on then pepper and salt. The potatoes I tossed with olive oil but also garlic and rosemary. I thought about making something else- like chicken but decided against it. The potatoes were more then enough.