Turkey Time

I love a good sandwich. Turkey, onion, lettuces, mayo, cheese, and potato bread. Sadly lettuce is out of the question- for now. I will try again in six more months and then I can always try again! Anyway I made myself a turkey sandwich, it was good.

And for dinner I made myself a personal pan pizza. I think I’ve finally found how to work the cast iron skillet pizza. I had given up on ever being able to ever get it right.


Berries of a Lifetime

So it got cool enough for me to want to make dutch babies or German Oven Pancakes. There were blueberries so I used them to make blueberry dutch babies. I had strawberries and strawberry sauce to go with. It was like heaven in my mouth.

However it created a reaction of a lifetime. I know it wasn’t the strawberries as have have them often. So I think blueberries will have to be on the list for a little while. It sucks because I like blueberries. Hopefully this is just a phase!

Simple Turkey

I made a sandwich and realized that it’s almost been a year since I started this blog. I could try eating lettuce and leafy greens again. But on the other hand my reactions to foods have been all over the place I’m not sure I want to try. So I made my turkey sandwich without lettuce and had strawberries on the side. Simple and reaction free!

Crepes and Thai

Labor I hung out with Rosie and friends. We shared good wine, and then decided we needed cupcakes. But the cupcake store was closed so we settled for the crepe place. I got the berry crepe, which was full of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. It was yummy.

For dinner we had so much Thai food. I got my usual pad thai and then ordered some samosas and spring rolls. Emma got pineapple rice which came in a pineapple! We then played Cards Against Humanity until two am.


Total Eclipse of the Food

On the day of the eclipse I was out with my aunt. It was super cool because while we didn’t have glasses someone had welder glass that we could look through.  Any way my Aunt and I had breakfast/lunch at the Americana. I got the BBQ chicken panini and some chocolate cake. We tried to find glasses at the local library but they were all out.  The eclipse wasn’t what I thought it’d be: I thought it was going to get darker and what not. It got a little dimmer and cooler at the peak time but that was it. We got 79% coverage in NJ. My other Aunt lives in South Carolina and got to see the total eclipse.

The day before my Aunt and I hung out too. I got a Asian style ginger chicken stir fry. It was good though I took most of it home. I wanted to eat the broccoli and not worry about a reaction I might have. The apple crisp was good too! Though next time I’ll remember to ask them to hold the caramel- not a fan of it on ace-cream or in liquid form. We had dinner then looked around for the prefect planner, 2018 is so close! It was a nice visit!