So I found this recipe on buzzfeed. I was bored at work and so I surf the internet. Five minute cheesecake sounded interesting. I thought the ingredient list would be longer or something. The idea to make it in the microwave to me seems like it might not be good. However, it was great! It had the tang as if I’d added lemon juice. I love a good graham-cracker crust and it was not soggy at all! I used blueberry sauce once and strawberry saw another time.


Father’s Day

So I didn’t spend Father’s Day with my dad, I spent it was my grandpa. It’s weird because my grandma wasn’t around to complain about Polish food- which she doesn’t like. But we went to the Polish restaurant, named Krakowiak, like always. I decided to try something new too. It wasn’t a big crowd- my two aunts, my mom and me.

I got the goulash with potato pancakes, I usually get the pierogi. And for dessert I got the sweet cheese blintzes which are my favorite. I use to make them at home. I gave my cucumber¬† salad to my aunt. I can eat cucumber but I’m not really a fan of it.



I met up with Rosie and Marc to go to a diner in Red Bank. Toast now stand where the Red Bank Diner use to be. I have so many fond memories of the Red Bank Diner. Toast is great too though. We have a running theory that they’ll never hire an unattractive person- seriously all the staff are solid eights and higher.

I got pancakes, eggs, and home fries. The eggs were not runny or wet. I hate runny or wet eggs. It just grosses me out for some reason.¬† I wasn’t able to finish everything. I took the home fries for another day.



My birthday was at the end of May, sorry this is late. Anyway I decided to go to the Natural History Museum for their Mummies exhibit. I’ve loved reading about ancient Egypt since I was a child, I pretended to be Cleopatra and Nefertiti. So when I saw the Natural History Museum was showing mummies I had to go.

We (Rosie, Steve and Marc) started the day off with coffee and bagels. Bagel Masters makes the bagels as you walk in. The air smells like dough raising and yeast. Most of the time, if you get there early enough, the bagels are still warm. I got a salt bagel with egg and cheese.


At the museum we did three exhibits: the Butterflies, The Darkness and The Mummies. We had down time in between to check out the different areas. We stopped at the cafeteria for a snack. I got some juice and raspberry sorbet. It was refreshing after walking around for a long time. In the butterfly exhibit a couple of butterflies landed on me which was fun.

Photo May 29, 14 41 36

After the museum we went to the Shake Shack. I got a bacon cheese burger and cheese fries. I love cheese fries and they were as good as I remember. The bacon cheese burger was good too- they had messed up my order but fixed it.


And finally when we got back home we watched The Mummy. I’d never seen it before and it looked fun. We ate smores and talked about live. It was a fun birthday. When I got home I finally had a cupcake my mom had got me. They looked too good to be eaten!


Thai Some More

My friends and I have fallen off the Thai Tuesday wagon. Busy schedules and not living close anymore had dampen our parade. But there is a local Thai place by me. I’ve been meaning to try it for a sometime and I finally got around to it. The place was cozy. I got my usual Pad Thai, it came with an appetizer. I got chicken fried dumplings. It was good, I should probably try something different next time.

Free for All

I went to visit my Aunt. She has decided to start a new life style change and wanted a last supper. We stopped at one of our usually places- CJ McLoones and Dublin House. We stopped at the French Bakery in Red Bank and got some macarons and had Houlihan’s. There was wine involved too.

My on of my favorite foods, nachos,¬† has an Irish twist at the Dublin House. They don’t use chips but thin slice potatoes that are fried. It’s so good. Houlihan’s has my favorite dessert- creme brulee. It was a good time.