Wedding in Nowhere USA

So a friend of a friend, who we both went to high school with, got married. In was in PA where the nearest town was an hour from our hotel- the ceremony was an hour away and the reception a hour away from the ceremony which was an hour away from our hotel. The roads barely had street lights or traffic lights. They were not something I was use to driving on- there were a lot of winding roads.

The wedding was nice, the day before had been rainy. The bride was beautiful and the music was great. The food was good too. They had a table with a huge pile of antipasto- which I couldn’t really eat. I’m not a fan of salami.  They did have a buffet of pasta though. There were five different types of pasta, veal and cod. I don’t eat cod or veal so I stuck to the pasta. There was gnocchi in a vodka sauce and stuff ravioli (two types), a garlic sauce with noddles and some vegetable dish. There were also some really good cocktails. It was a very Italian wedding.

The wedding cake was huge, and the portions matched- we were able to take some food home there was too much. Besides the cake there was ice-cream and chocolate lava cake. They had a gluten free options because someone was allergic.

Our hotel also had breakfast in the morning. They had a nice spread of things, you could make your own waffle if you wanted. There was also pancakes and eggs along with cereal, yogurt, and fruit.

Photo Jun 25, 09 42 00


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