Movie Madness

So last Saturday my mom and I went to see AMC’s Best Picture Showcase. It’s a two day event where they show all the movies nominated for Best Picture. We went to day two. We saw Moonlight, Lion, and Arrival. We ate lunch when they played Hacksaw Ridge. Also went to Barnes & Nobles! We didn’t stay for Hidden Figures because we’d seen it already and it was getting late.

Anyway we went to the Tick Tock Diner in Clifton- the theater was in Clifton. It was big and made me miss the Americana Diner in Shrewsberry. They had a nice menu and I got their Tick Tock Chicken Sandwich. It was yummy, the fries were good too.  My mom got the turkey burger- she doesn’t really like eating beef. She couldn’t finish the burger because she can’t eat garlic. I tried a bite of the burger and it was nice.


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