Too Many Wines

Valentine’s Day is a day I spend with friends. Rosie, Marc, Emily, and I went to Char. Marc, Rosie and I had been there before a while ago. It was nice. Anyway Rosie and I may have had a bit much to drink. She got some really good white wine. I can’t remember the name of it now, lol.

We walked to Char, because Rosie lives within walking distance- we were all prepared to have a few cocktails. The place was packed! We had a reservation for 20:30 and didn’t get seated until like 20:50. They had very good bread though. I love a good pretzel roll!

I got the American Kobe Sliders with a side of mash potatoes. Rosie and I planned to split two sides- mash potatoes and garlic broccoli. I didn’t eat the broccoli because my stomach wasn’t feeling up to par. I also had had a reaction that morning…and I took some of the stuff my GI gave me, but I’m down to to packs! I took the sliders and broccoli home, so I’ll update you on how it was.

I also got the crème brûlée which is my favorite dessert!




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