For the longest time I was what you would call a “picky” eater. Which makes this whole year without lettuces and other foods I can’t eat but like so annoying. The other day I took a Buzzfeed quiz and my favorite food apparently was a salad. Jokes on them…or me?

Anyway when I was younger I wasn’t a fan of alfredo. I know, I like cheese why wouldn’t I like alfredo? The answer is I dunno. I never really tried it- I think of chicken alfredo. I also am not a really big fan of sauces- as a child I would wipe food with napkins if they had too much sauce on them.

So fast forward years and I’ve tried and like alfredo. I usually only eat it when I get those microwave bags. The best thing is to make more pasta, cause they have too much sauce. It’s yummy fast and something I can make my own too. Sometimes I add more peas, or I add corn too. This time it was just pasta.



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