Family Dinner

Family Dinner is basically when my friends and I get together with dishes to parts of a meal. Someone makes the side dishes, another person the main dish and then the dessert. It’s fun and we always make a ton of food. We also don’t always like each others cooking. We had a family dinner because Steve was leaving me medical school and won’t be home until the summer.

Steve made stuff peppers which reminded me of my dad’s stuffed cabbage. All it needed was some raisins! Rosie made meatloaf and asparagus; Marc couldn’t make it. I made cupcakes. It was yummy and fun to hang out one last time before we got back to our busy lives. I can eat asparagus which is awesome Rosie wanted to make a salad before I reminded her that I wouldn’t be able to eat it. The struggle!

We watched Captain America: Civil War after dinner. Rosie hadn’t seen it. We mostly talked through the movie- Black Panther became Sexy Cat and Don Cheadle was known as Pert and Firm (Rosie watched House of Lies). We decided everyone wanted to bone Captain America.  We ate the cupcakes with wine as we did all the watching and laughing. And yes the frosting is homemade!


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