My aunt needed surgery and asked me to stay over. This aunt, we’ll called her Aunt P, is as into food as I am and also sadly enough has GI issues too. She also lets me use her Netflix account. So as she was working and relaxing I  started watching Supernatural. I really like it, I’m on season five and school is starting soon so who can tell how much farther I’ll get.

Anyway we ordered from this Mexican place. They were okay. I got my go to when ordering Mexican- a chicken quesadilla. How can anyone ruin a quesadilla? (knock on wood) They did offer churros. They were so good, the reason to order from this place, I can’t remember their name!

The next day we went to McLoone’s. I got their Blue burger. It has caramelized onions on it, which is what sold me on the burger. I’m not usually a fan of blue cheese but as long as it’s not Gorgonzola I’m not too picky. I  usually would have gotten their pesto chicken panini but it has spinach in it. I wasn’t going to take a chance when my reaction time to lettuce is five minutes. I had to get on a train that was then a 15/20 minute walk to my house. I also had a nice glass of wine too- their Rose


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