Medieval Times

Every Christmas/ Hanukkah my friends and I go to Medieval Times! We open gifts, we usually have a theme and then hit the road. Rosie and I usually drink manischewitz and make the boys, Steve and Marc listen to All I want for Christmas back to back. It’s fun!

The idea of Medieval Times is you go for a dinner and show. You get a feast while rooting for a knight. They assign you the knight before the whole thing starts and you don’t know who it will be. There’s jousting, sword fighting and horsemanship.

In all the times we’ve gone however our knight has never won. It was the same this year too. Next year, lol. Anyway they serve you a feast, because it’s Medieval Times. It’s half a chicken, a roasted potato, corn and tomato bisque with bread. And usually you get an apple turnover for dessert but this time it was pound cake. We’ve gone so many times that we often try to guess who will win based on ques we’ve seen before. The knight we were last year was the winner this year…sad.

What’s worst is I ate the corn. I didn’t think I’d have a as bad of reaction as I did, it could also have been that I had two glasses of some wine too. It was a painfully long reaction too. I think I’ll stop eating corn for a while!


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