Every year my Grandpa and I make spritzgebek cookie together. They are the family favorite and everyone looks forward to them. However may Grandpa is almost ninety so about twelve years ago I started helping him make the cookies. Now the recipe is from my Grandma’s side, and is her mother’s recipe- my great-grandmother.

My grandpa use to make these with his mother-in-law by hand.We have a kitchen aid mixer that helps most of the time. The first time my grandpa and I made the cookies together it took us 5 hours- I was also twelve at the time. Every year since we’ve shorten the time and now we can do it in about three hours! We use to listen to Harry Potter together but we finished the series- we then listened to the Hobbit.

This year though we had technical difficulties. First we used all wheat flour- usually we add a little to make my grandma happy about it being “healthy”. Then we normal use x-large eggs but this time we used large. The cookies kept falling apart on us, it was frustrating. Next year we’ll be better.



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