Almost Bolognese (Meat Sauce really)

I made meat sauce, it was cold and I wanted something that reminded me of warmth. There was some frozen ground turkey and a pepper- we always have onions in the house. My mom likes to make soup and sometimes she makes mirepoix which is why carrots and onions are always around.

Anyway I prefer green peppers to red peppers for cooking. I find green to be the least sweet of them- I’m not a fan of sweet peppers. For the longest time I didn’t like peppers and onions but living in Costa Rica for a year changed that.  So now I make my meat sauce with peppers and onions- I use jar sauce that I fix with brown sugar and vinegar.

This was my first time making meat sauce on the new stove. I thought I had figured the stove out but alas I had not. When the sauce was simmering it burned the bottom of the pot. It didn’t affect the flavor which is all that matters in the long run. I made some pasta and garlic biscuits and it was awesome. I have lots of left overs! Maybe I’ll put up the recipe one day- by school is kicking my butt so…


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