Oh, Panini

I have a thing for panini sandwiches. I like sandwiches in general, though eating them without lettuce is sad. A sandwich without lettuce isn’t really a sandwich- in my opinion. Anyway my favorite type of panini is the fajita panini.  But they didn’t have that on the menu so I went to my next go to: the BBQ panini.

Now my uncle is is a huge BBQ fan. He use to be a judge in South Caroline until he moved to Florida. He tries to tell me what makes great BBQ, I can’t really tell the difference between great BBQ and okay- I can tell what awful BBQ taste like.

Rosie and I went to Hansel and Griddle for dinner. She’s off to Vegas for Thanksgiving and we got gel manicures– Hansel and Griddle is like next door. I got their Honey BBQ Panini with the Cajun home fries on the side. It was good. I should have had them put sauteed onions in place of the home fries but next time.


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