Why Pizza!

If there is one thing I could eat for ever and never get tired of it, it’s pizza. Pizza and I have a long history. As a child I had a very severe  intolerance to tomatoes. A tablespoon of ketchup was enough to make me vomit. Yeah, explaining to a eight year old why you couldn’t have pizza didn’t go down well. I don’t like tomatoes by it’s byproduct of sauce is my favorite. I don’t eat Papa John’s to this day because it makes me sick- think the Exorcist style.

I grew out of it, thank god!, and by the end of high school I could have most tomato byproduct without getting sick. I was really stubborn as a child which is why I tell myself I don’t do the same for every intolerance I have now. Hopefully I will grow out of it and be able to to enjoy all food.

I had pizza for lunch.


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