Apricots, Applesauce and Brussels Sprouts…Oh, My!

I love apricots- fresh or dried. I could get a whole bag in one sitting. I usually get a big bag from Trader Joe’s but there isn’t one close by anymore. Usually my mom has a bag around the house but since the move- no apricots. And the selection of fresh ones wasn’t that great.

I had applesauce for a snack. I can say that I was worried it was going to go on my list of no-gos but yay I can have applesauce without fear! I also realized that “natural” doesn’t mean unsweetened applesauce. I never realized until my parents divorce that the applesauce my mom bought was unsweetened applesauce. My step-mom had the cinnamon flavored one and I wanted to try it so bad. It was so sweet, my dad laughed when I complained.

For dinner I had baked brussels sprouts, garlic rice and roasted chicken with sauteed onions. I wanted to actually make a big dinner for myself tonight. School is getting to me- I hate stress. My anxiety is at a solid 7 and cooking or baking helps. I’ve never roasted brussels sprouts before and they were good. I got the brussel sprouts from the framer’s market. They were huge!





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