German Comfort

I made spaetzle for dinner. It’s a type of noodle. It’s my grandma’s worst enemy and she stopped making long before I was born. When I was a child my mom made is sometimes. Usually my Aunt bought it and gave some of it to her sisters. We would eat it with chicken nuggets.It’s super easy to make but annoying to make. My grandma also cooked for six people and probably didn’t have time to make spaetzle often. I know she isn’t a fan of lots of dishes.

I put some chicken in the oven, using my cast iron skillet- olive oil and pepper on the chicken.  I glanced at the spaetzle recipe, I too usually just buy it. I couldn’t remember the right amount of eggs needed.  I also had steamed broccoli because yeah…it’s worth it. Lettuces is worth it too but lettuce gets a fast strong reaction that wipes me out. Anyway it was a lovely meal.


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