I know beans upset my digestive track. So Wednesday I went to Moe’s and had a quesadilla. I should have told them to hold the beans but…so this morning I had a reaction. Which was probably not helped by the vodka and cranberry I had yesterday. So not the worst reaction ever but it’s rainy out and I didn’t get home until 1 am.

However it was totally worth it. The strippers Rosie and I saw yesterday were awesome- they were a $15 Groupon.  Dinner was buttered noodles, I haven’t had that in forever. My step-mom use to make them and she would use salt and pepper. My mom doesn’t use pepper, I didn’t know there were pepper shakers until I met Rosie. We have two salt shakers, one for my mom and one for me and my sister. I also had two hot pockets for lunch.

Lots of junk food…Rosie’s work had some cool food trucks and one was selling cupcakes. She got me chocolate and vanilla. The best way to know if a place is good, in my opinion, is to try their basic flavors. If you can’t do a plain or vanilla right then why would anything else be good? The chocolate cupcake was awesome. The vanilla…the frosting fell off. It was sad.





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