Harry Potter Day

They’ve re-released all eight Harry Potter movies. And if you didn’t know I’m a Potthead. I grew up with Harry Potter who helped me through the troubled waters of childhood and growing up. Anyway it holds a special place in my heart and I’ve been trying to see them all, like Pokemon. Yesterday was movies 4-6 in IMAX. It was awesome, also helped remind me that the books are much much much better, but whatever. Hopefully in my life time they’ll make a TV show that gets to do all the details the movies couldn’t.

The good thing is I haven’t had GI (gastrointestinal issues) issues in forever. It’s probably been two weeks, but hey whatever. I ate pizza for lunch and then lots of junk because I was in the movies all day. I had Trader Joe’s molten chocolate macrons and Mike & Ikes and Sourpatch watermelon. I can’t eat movie theater popcorn because they use coconut oil, it’s sad. But I had a fun day.


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