So I had the worst reaction on Saturday. It was from eating black beans, I’m not going to add them to the list. But I can say that I stayed up until 3am being sick. So I’m going to avoid Mexican food, or any  food that involves beans. I was suppose to do homework too because I needed to get an late morning train. Things did not go as planned which was fine.

Anyway, my best friend, Rosie*, moved out. We gather Sunday to help her move, only to find that most of the moving had been done on Saturday. So we just hung out and had some wine. Rosalind and I don’t really agree on wine type- she likes drier wines and reds, I’m all about the white and sweet. But we both like prosecco, we used that to celebrate and watch the debates.

It also took us awhile to decide what we wanted to eat. Mark and Kalvon joined us before we decided what we wanted for dinner. We got burgers from Jr’s. It was good, I didn’t realize they had tater tots or cheese fries. I got the Southweast Jr with fries, they have so much more I’d like to try. Micheal got a chicken sandwich that he said was really good. He also got tater tots. I’ll get tater tots next time!

* names have been changed


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