The Muffin Man

I don’t know what I ate but I had another reaction. I’m thinking I might have to put carrots on the list, but like for six months. I need to eat at least some vegetables. I think it could also be the applesauce but that wouldn’t explain why I can still eat apples! I’m just getting frustrated with the amount of food that I can and can’t eat. Like I really want to eat vegetables but fear is stopping me. Suggestions?

In other news I made some stuffed corn muffins. They were okay. I didn’t add enough cheese. So there’s like a ball of melted cheese in the middle and then corn muffin. You can never have enough cheese, my mistake. Next time I’ll add cheese to the batter and make it stuffed for good cheese levels. I’m going to be doing more baking now that it’s fall, Apple Betty and Matzo ball soup are up next. Plus I have a case iron skillet that needs more use.


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