The Meaning of Ice Cream

My first week of school has been interesting. I guess I was putting to much pressure on myself. Anyway today I really wanted to get a sub. Like so bad, it’s fast easy and always filling. I even walked past two different sub shops- the upside of moving to a more urban area. But I can’t eat lettuces. It sucks so much when the one thing you crave you can’t even have.

It was while craving this sub I remember I forgot to blog about ice-cream. For my birthday this year my friends and I went to the Liberty Science Center. They have astronaut ice-cream which we all got! Let me tell you the consistency is weird yet crunchy. I got Mint Chocolate Chip and A Vanilla ice-cream sandwich- I ate the mint chocolate chip a while ago. The ice-cream sandwich was…different. The ice-cream cookie was not soft, I know, which is my favorite part. I like how the cookie sticks to your fingers and you suck it off. The ice-cream is like a marshmallow gone very, very, very stale yet still light and fluffy. If that makes any sense.


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