All Thai up

So my best friend is moving out and needed help picking stuff out. We went to Target and got pizza, it was Pizza Hut which I haven’t had in years. The pizza was good the selection of couches not so much. They didn’t really have anything we were looking for.

Home goods was next, we didn’t get anything to eat or drink there. Though I did see Lavender sparkling water. We went to Walmart after that. The first time I ever went to Walmart was age 13. I’ve only been a handful of times. Walmart is huge…like wow. We got cupcakes to eat as we shopped. I got a planner because school is crazy. My best friend got a lot of stuff from Walmart but still no sofa/futon. We also visited the mall, Macy’s JCPenny’s but no luck.

However Thai Tuesday on a Monday happened! We went to Muang Thai. As usual I got the pad thai. Once we’ve gone to every Thai restaurant and had their pad thai I will then change it up. I liked this pad thai- they cooked in with the peanuts. Their spring rolls were really good too.


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