Cold Season

I’m sick. It’s the worst, my nose is dripping and my throat hurts like none other. I’m super tired and have so many papers to write. Life goes on though…

I went into the city today to see Hell or High Water- which is a great name for a movie or things in general. The movie was good, the Oscar bait previews were annoying. But my favorite part about going into the city? Trader Joe’s and getting my favorite panini in the subway.

At Trader Joe’s I got kettle corn popcorn, an apple, cookies, molten macarons and some weird candy. I usually also get their pretzel bread but they didn’t have any left. I got the popcorn and apple for the movie and the rest is for later. For when I finish my papers.

When leaving the city I always get a chicken fajita panini. It comes with chips and a pickle. Just putting this out there: I don’t like pickles. The panini was great. I just wish we had more milk in the house so I could make hot chocolate. I’ll post my hot chocolate recipe sometime soon.


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