Sorry I haven’t been updating everyday. Stress, the starting of school and my lack of great diet are all factors. Like yesterday I ate Moe’s again and I had applesauce for breakfast. I also had carrots and ranch a couple of days ago? It feels like forever.

Anyway because of the stress I need to super super careful what I eat. So I tried and found the list of all my NO GO as I like to call them. I’ve been having more reactions lately and I’m so tired and dehydrated. So I made more strawberry sauce, as you can see.


Last night I had hot dogs. I got home late from work so it was the easiest with the shortest amount of cook time. I like hot dogs, I grew up on turkey ones but I refer beef. I also realize that I bought unsalted butter- it’s the worst. I bought butter because ours in stock piled in the freezer and I wanted a blueberry dutch baby (aka German Oven pancake). I had that for breakfast today. If I have a plain dutch baby then I usually top it with butter, strawberry sauce, strawberries and whatever other fruit I want. It’s like a breakfast pizza. So yummy.


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