Thai Tuesday…on a Monday

My friends and I have decided that on Mondays we will eat Thai food. It took us four years to realize that we all enjoyed Thai food. I’m considered the picky eater of us, I’m not though. I know what I don’t like. Now East Asian food uses coconut a lot which can be a problem as I’m allergic to coconut. There is also that fact that this morning I had a reaction to the beans from yesterday. As I write this now I’m bloated.

First I had some macarons. I got chocolate, raspberry, lavender and vanilla. I love a good macaron. Trade Joe’s now has these huge ones that are suppose to be molten- I just eat them as they defrost. My best friend went to France and talks about this one huge wonderful magical macaron she had.


Then after a doctor’s appointment and going to the library and a movie I met up with my friends at Siam Garden. We ordered the vegetarian tard thai and extra spring rolls. I got the pad thai- safest bet for no coconut. The one friend got the curry while the other got friend rice.  The pad thai is huge so while I thought I ate a lot I’d barely made a dent. Can’t wait for next Monday’s Thai adventure.


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