At the Mall

I didn’t eat more today. I bought candy for the movie, I saw Snowden, and some weird chips from Marshall’s. I didn’t end up eating the chips until later- I’m glad I didn’t eat them during the movie. I wanted salty but there were salty sweet. I gave them away asap.

I did eat lunch in the mall. I went to Moe’s where I got a quesadilla. Now I love beans bit I know I should be careful. When stress is high eating beans is a bad idea, eating them in general. I once made bean patties and got super sick. They mess up my stomach if eaten often- like two or three times in a week- or in high amounts. This usually happens when I make gallo pinto. But I got a quesadilla at Moe’s anyway. It was good. I still wish I could eat a salad or sandwich. The struggle is real!


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