Ode to Sandwiches

I visited my grandparents today. They’re almost 90!  Before we visited we went to a Polish Deli where we got some stuff for my grandpa. I bought myself some chruscik. My mom and I helped them around the house. My Grandpa and I talked about my investments. I finally found my great grandma’s watch that needs to be fixed. You have to wind the watch up for it to work but part of that function is broken. You can still hear it ticking though.

After all that lifting and what not we went out for dinner/lunch. I hadn’t eaten much, we left at noon to go to there house. I had yogurt on the car ride there and then some apricots and a jelly doughnut. Apparently my grandma had bought to many and they froze the rest to eat when they please.

We went to this nice small diner. I don’t remember it’s name. But I have a set list of food I order from a diner. My first and favor is a turkey club sandwich. It took me a few minutes to remember that I couldn’t get it. First I don’t like tomatoes. Second what kind of sandwich has no lettuces? It was disheartening. To think I won’t be able to eat a sandwich for a whole year! I ended up getting the fajita panini. It was good but I really wanted a sandwich.



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