I love Polish food. My grandpa is first generation Polish American. For his birthday we go to this really nice Polish restaurant. Everyone in my family is also a fan expect my grandma who is not a fan. As a child my mom’s go to easy dinner was kielbasa and potatoes. My dad would once a year make his mother’s golabki which is one of my favorites.  The air is getting cooler and I can’t wait to make half of these things. Also goulash…sorry getting ahead of myself.

Earlier in the day I had cookies from my visit to my dad’s. There from this Swiss/German baker who made the pretzel bread. He makes these melt in your mouth ginger molasses cookies. If you keep them at room temperature they fall apart in your hand after a bit. I also had some strawberry yogurt. I need to keep my gut health alive!

Today though I had pierogi with Swedish meatballs. The standard potato and cheese. I of course topped them with saute onions. I fried the pierogi because I’m not a fan of them boiled. It was a great dinner. If only I could have had a salad with it. I really miss salads guys. Like so much.


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