Stressing Strawberries

Howdy y’all! Being back in good ol’ NJ has been stressful. My sister is a drug addict who can go through 25 rehabs a month. One day she was dismissed after three hours…so yeah my life her is stuff stressful. I had a full blown panic attack when I got home, climbed to the attic and cried while trying to remain calm.

When I’m stress eating fruit or anything on said list is a terrible idea. Expect for strawberries for some weird reason. Strawberry sauce, I make it myself, calms me when I have digestive issues. I can it when nauseous or not. I get nauseous a lot too… So the food I’ve had today: not a lot.

I had strawberry sauce for lunch. For dinner I had chicken nuggets and apple slices. I love apple slices, they’re better then fries. I like my chicken nuggets a little crispy too. A small meal to make sure I eat. When stress I don’t eat often enough or I eat crappy things. I thought I wasn’t going to have anything to write about because all I had was strawberry sauce. I’ll post my recipe later!


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