Like Home

So Florida lacks good pizza. In all the time I’ve been coming to Florida I’ve been searching for good pizza. One place I went the crust was almost like pie crust. Pizza here has just been…not good. My uncle too has been on this quest. Also for bagels but that’s for another post. He’s taken my to a few places that can match the awesomeness of the NYC/NJ area of pizza goodness. All my family are from the NJ/PA area so living in Florida has been an adjustment in the food department.

So that brings us to today. My dad insisted were try this pizza place, Urban Brick, on Sunday. In closed at 4 and we were to late. The owner, Rose, was super nice. she let us come in and take a look at the menu and explained how they were in the middle of changing hours. My dad told her how this was his second time trying to eat at the place and she gave us a gift card to come back another time. The other time was today!

My dad and I both got the Classic Pepperoni. Now the pizza was awesome.  There was no weird crust or sauce or anything! And they had great desserts. The only place I know that has zeppoles. They hit the spot for a craving I’ve had since I missed the state fair. We also had cannoli doughnuts.It reminded me of home, NJ. I miss not have multiple go to places for pizza.

The pizza however did have basil. Normally basil doesn’t bother me, I really love pesto. But I did have a reaction. So I figure it could be the basil, the carrots I had as a midnight snack or stress or all three. I’m not going to give up basil. We did take some of the pizza home cause dessert people! So when I eat the leftovers we’ll know!


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