It’s weird writing about my eating habits. They’re terrible by the way. For breakfast/lunch I had a potato cinnamon roll, carrots and ranch dressing, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. I guess the stress of knowing what awaits me when I get home is making fall back on bad habits. I’ve been burying my head in the sand for the insanity that is looming ever closer. I’m so tempted to eat the rest of the broccoli that’s just sitting there screaming at me. So I settled for writing this…

Besides the healthy/unhealthy start to the day I finished out with a burger. I’ve eaten more burgers in the past week then all of last month. We went to Byte with my uncle and uncle after seeing The Secret Life of Pets. The movie was cute, the food good. I got the Guinness Burger. And instead of the arugula I got caramelized onions. As we get more and more into my eating habits you’ll realize how much I love onions. Anyway I got a side of brussel sprouts which were awesome. I stole a few of my dad’s sweet potato fries too.

The only down side to today was realizing that carrots might have to be added to the list. I just hope this doesn’t happened because I like vegetables. I also really like dipping vegetables in ranch dressing. But it could also be the stress of everything.



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