The Temptation

Today I went with family to a Japanese Steakhouse. I’m a fan of this form of Japanese food. However I’m not a fan of seafood- if it’s from the sea it’s not for me! My first introduction to sushi was age five in a grocery store. They had the sushi right by the bakery and the bakery usually gave out free samples to kids. I ran or excited and grabbed what I thought was a seven layer cookie. It was not a cookie but sushi, my mom congratulated me on trying something new. I’ve only tried sushi three times since then.

So at the restaurant I got hibachi. I forgot to tell the to hold the soup- I’m not a fan of soup. Of course I also forgot they give you a mini salad. I stared so hard- I wanted to eat it so badly. But my reaction time is about five minutes- twenty if I’ve had something to eat beforehand. So I gave the salad to my uncle and got extra rice. We then went to DQ because I’ve never been.



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