Foodies in Florida

Friday I totally ate some broccoli. To start from the beginning my aunt and uncle were over and my dad had set out a veggie platter. I ate the carrots and apple slices and then went for the broccoli. I did not have a reaction! But I was probably lucky…or eating more meat then normal. When I’m at home (not Florida, just visiting my dad) I usually have eggs or applesauce or yogurt for meals. I snack on carrots. I just feel like cooking meat takes more time then not. My dad however is big on pork- which I don’t eat- and beef. I did make him grill some asparagus and brussel sprouts. So glad I can eat them.



Anyway after that we went to a night food market. I got pretzel bread and ginger molasses cookies from this German baker. The cookies are made with lots and lots of butter so to keep them fresh I put them in the refrigerator. The pretzel bread is so soft. You can pull it apart at the steam. It’s the best for making grilled cheese.





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